If you could do anything to help raise money for the campaign to save the Space Centre, what would you do?

Thinking caps on!

If you could do anything to help raise money for the campaign to save the Space Centre what would you do?

Complete a sponsored challenge? Use a skill? Claim a World Record?

It doesn’t need to be something you’re ‘necessarily’ going to do! Just something you think would be a great idea. And inspire others to get involved.

We’ll feature the best ideas in an inspirational ebook to help get our campaign motoring.

Email your ideas – a sentence is all it needs – to help@savethespacecentre.org.uk

Or tweet them using the #sospace hashtag. We’ll keep our eyes peeled!

And thank you for your support.


3 thoughts on “If you could do anything to help raise money for the campaign to save the Space Centre, what would you do?

  1. James Mark Ashton

    Maybe approach one of the Prestonian brewers (Arkwrights or Hart) to brew a beer to raise awareness and have a small donation from each barrel sold to the fund.

    Oh, and get on to ebay to see if you could have the charity listed where there could be automatic donations from items sold.

  2. Lyndsie Snape

    Ideas for events / fundraising –
    * make December your BIG fundraising push month. It’s Christmas, so there’s a lot more people in town

    * get people involved – ask local groups to help out, to make things, to take part in events etc. Brownies, Girl Guides, Cubs, Scouts, Sea Cadets, Army Cadets, WI etc will all offer their services if asked, and will come up with ideas

    * ask for people to give their change when out shopping (I always put my change into collecting tins at the till)

    * hold an auction – businesses could donate good quality (not second hand) items or services which could be auctioned. These could be ‘seconds’, sale goods, end-of-line items, hard to shift items etc. You could also ask local artists to donate their works

    * hire out the Space Centre for an hour a time for the general public to use for fun or relaxation etc, for a small fee (say £5 – the cheaper it is, the more people you will get)

    * make a photo-calendar showing children enjoying the facilities, and ask local businesses to pay for an advert in it. I’m sure a local company would print a load of calendars for you for free. If not, if you know someone who uses AltaVista, they can get an order printed for you for free, or at least at a very low cost. You can get all sorts of promotional items for free with them. You could either give your calendars away, or sell them

    * ask the University if their media students could help to produce a short film or advert that you could use – they would appreciate being given the experience! You could ask the local cinemas if they would show your ad at all screenings throughout December for free

    * have your own Christmas cards made and printed (for free) and sell them at markets and fairs

    * have some car window stickers made (for free) and sell these

    * ask local businesses if they can do anything to help you

    * ask walking groups to do organised walks in aid of you (see my suggestion as in my reply to Joy on your Face Book page). You could also do nature walks, dog walks, pram push

    People can’t always give money, as in sponsoring someone to do a 10 mile walk, but they are willing to give their time, skills and knowledge. Utilise them!


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